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Successes in litigation have encouraged us to augment our capabilities in that area, with the recent affiliation of an additional senior litigator, as well as an experienced litigation associate.

Our attorneys have experience litigating intellectual property cases throughout the United States, involving such Fortune 500 companies as Abbott Laboratories; Cadence; California Department of Health Services; Chrysler; Fox Broadcasting; GlaxoSmithKline; Hewlett-Packard; Kikusui; Lockheed Martin; Philips Semiconductor; Quest Diagnostics; Radius; Tektronix; and Twentieth Century Fox. We have successfully dealt with multiple large law firms as opposing counsel in many cases, including complex infringement cases taken up to the United States Supreme Court, and have consistently done so efficiently and with lean staffing. Recognizing the business practicalities and benefits to our clients, we have when appropriate counseled against litigation and, instead, recommended a re-examination of patents for clients charged with infringement, and lucrative nationwide licensing programs for clients who are patent holders. Sound business judgment and courtroom skills have gained our litigators the respect of their peers and the loyalty of our clients.

The reputations of our litigators often enable us to avoid lawsuits for our clients and, instead, convince opponents to resolve conflicts through focused business agreements. In fact, while they are certainly capable of tenaciously taking a matter to trial, referring to them as our “litigators” is really a misnomer, as they tend to see litigation as a client’s last resort. Years of successful negotiations, as well as real-world work experience, provide our “litigators” with a unique perspective that gives them the ability to design and craft business solutions that meet the long-term goals of our clients, and then prepare and negotiate effective agreements that avoid pitfalls and confusion and provide greater assurance of ultimate enforceability. Further value resides in our ability to advise and educate clients regarding the protection of their trade secrets, and the creation of employee policies and procedures for the protection of technologies, customer lists, and other confidential information, in order to maximize compliance and avoid litigation.

These practice group designations indicate fields of interest and general experience. They do not indicate certified specialties and are not endorsed by any State Bar.

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