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Testing the Limits of the IP Legal Regimes: The Unique Challenges of AI

Jim W. Ko is co-authoring a paper on Testing the Limits of the IP Legal Regimes: The Unique Challenges of Artificial Intelligence with former Chief Judge Paul Michel of the Federal Circuit, in conjunction with The Sedona Conference's upcoming Conference on AI and IP Law .

Can the policy objectives behind the current intellectual property (IP) legal frameworks be met when GenAI is implemented? Or will new rules and regulations necessary to bring patent, copyright, trade secret, and other IP law into the AI age? This paper will explore the intersection of AI and IP law, in particular:


1.      Should GenAI output be eligible for copyright or patent protections, and if so when?

2.      Should GenAI-assisted software code be eligible for protection by copyright or otherwise?

3.      Should the use of GenAI in a company’s product development lifecycle presumptively constitute public disclosure invalidating patent or trade secret rights?

4.      Should individuals have rights against the use of GenAI to create deepfakes appropriating their brands?

5.      Are copyrighted works protected from being used in training generative AI models? If not, should the law be amended to extend such protections?

Come join the dialogue and register for The Sedona Conference on AI and IP Law on June 20-21 in Reston, Virginia here:

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