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Green/Clean Tech

More business opportunities are anticipated in the green/clean tech sector as governments worldwide earmark stimulus funds and larger established companies become involved with cutting-edge startups. For access to these funding and partnership opportunities, interested parties need something concrete in which to invest. Early filing dates for patent applications to protect developments in hot spots such as green/clean tech are critical to protecting your invention and distinguishing yourself from the pack.

Wood Phillips attorneys’ diverse technological and industry backgrounds make us well-suited to handle the spectrum of green/clean technologies. Whether your invention concerns the mechanical properties of a novel wind turbine, the electronic circuitry of a solar-to-electric energy converter, the biochemical reactions of wastewater remediation, batteries, improved plastics, ethanol, biodiesel, oil extraction from algae, or other aspects of green/clean technologies, we have the resources to help.

These practice group designations indicate fields of interest and general experience. They do not indicate certified specialties and are not endorsed by any State Bar.

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