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In today's global economy, with its increasing competitiveness and raising costs, businesses need to be much more attentive to how they manage their intellectual property rights.

How We

Our specialty is helping clients build, manage and enforce strong patent and trademark portfolios throughout the world. We see each client's IP portfolio as an increasingly valuable asset for that company, constantly evolving with the promise of greater revenue and lower costs. Wood Phillips attorneys supply the experience, empathy, and skill needed to help you assure that your company's intellectual property is secure, productive and consistently adding value.

Bottom-line Brainpower

Wood Phillips is adept at all aspects of intellectual property, both domestically and internationally, including patent application preparation and prosecution, registration of trademarks and copyrights, and litigation to enforce and protect those rights as well as to defend against claims of others. Our practice is notable for lawyers with extensive client-side experience, including three former Patent and Trademark Counsels at major corporations who bring a unique bottom-line approach to your IP.


Even a day without informed decisions on IP assets and risks can mean the difference between gain and loss for your company

— perhaps a substantial one.

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