This unique perspective gives Wood Phillips a deeper understanding of IP's strategic business promise. As a result, Wood Phillips helps you manage your overall IP portfolio more cost effectively — exploring it diligently for opportunities to produce greater value, consistently refining it for important savings.

Adding Value to Your Business

Wood Phillips recognizes a company's patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets as an important, ever-changing asset with considerable bottom-line consequences.

Individual ideas go in and out of fashion. The true business asset is the IP portfolio as a whole. And just as portfolio theory helps reduce risk and maximize return in the stock market or real estate market, the same approach can add enormous value to a company's IP portfolio.

At Wood Phillips, our experience in acquiring, protecting, enforcing intellectual property rights and defending third party claims translates directly into improved bottom line results for our clients.

We have the depth and experience to provide comprehensive, effective representation. At the same time we are small, accessible and fast — so our clients enjoy quick responses, efficient service and lower costs.

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